In a stroke of genius, the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District has launched "Seaside Ride", a super easy way to get around town quickly, easily, and safely.

Running down Ocean Terrace and The Boulevard, officials in Seaside Heights are offering a service that'll both save your feet some mileage and maybe encourage those who probably shouldn't be driving to take a free taxi across town instead.

They're calling it "Seaside Ride", and say that all you have to do is, "just wave down the driver and hop on".

You can imagine a number of people that this will appeal to - those who have been walking all day long and will appreciate the convenience of a free ride to their parking spots. And those who may have been enjoying Seaside's restaurants and bars, and would benefit everyone by hopping on the tram instead of behind the wheel.

In a day and age where everyone is trying to save a buck and may not want to hire an Uber to get the almost three miles from one end of the boardwalk to the other, this is a great option to keep both residents and visitors comfortable and safe!


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