An overdose death is avoided after the girlfriend of a man who was lying unconscious of a room at the Holmdel motor inn Friday night around 11:00 pm called police who administered nasal naloxone.

The girlfriend told Holmdel Police she left the room and came back ten minutes later to find her boyfriend on the floor unconscious and began to perform CPR.

A patrolman instructed her to continue with chest compressions as they administered one dose of nasal naloxone.

Responding officers performed CPR on the man they found turning shades of purple and blue and not breathing.

Within a couple minutes he woke up and was given a second dose of naloxone.

He was brought to Bayshore Medical Center by Holmdel EMS for further medical attention.

Police found a hypodermic syringe, one of seven, next to the 31-year old who overdosed on heroin.

Police also found 24-empty wax folds of heroin at the motel.

Officers seized all items at the scene for disposal/destruction.

No criminal charges have been filed in accordance with the Overdose Protection Act.

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