If you haven't been to the Magic of Lights drive-thru at PNC Bank Arts Center, I have your sneak peek.

We went this past Saturday night. Filled the car with my daughter's friends and they loved it. I do have to tell you, it was crazy busy. We waited a long time to get in. We were all warm in our car, but it was a long wait. Right on their website they warn everybody it can get very busy on the weekends, try coming during the week. Now, I will say they moved very quickly getting every car through, rather fast. We were in line all the way out on the parkway and waited there for a while before getting to the parking lot. But, I will tell you it's worth it, it's always fun.

This year is a little different than last year because during the drive-thru we could get out and check out their little "Winter Wonderland". Ice skating, hot chocolate, and Santa. It was a lot of fun. But, because of Covid-19, this had to be cancelled for this year.

They still had snacks and hot chocolate as you drive through the gates. They also have souvenirs you can buy.

One more thing this year that is new, in-car photos and if you're there at the times of Santa, he will hop in the picture with your family, of course staying outside of your car.

It was fun and safe for the whole family.

Tickets are $25 / per car online. At the gate tickets are $30 / per car. CLICK HERE for more information on Magic of Lights at PNC Bank Arts Center.

Magic of Lights at PNC Bank Arts Center

Sue Moll
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