In the ongoing saga of Parkway Exit 91 B-A in Brick, there is some confusion about exactly what you can and can't do at this very moment. So here's a quick rundown of where things stand as of this writing (May 22nd).

What you can do:


You can now get onto the Garden State Parkway Southbound from a pair of new entrances - one at the jughandle connecting Burnt Tavern Road and Lanes Mill Road. The other on the southern branch of Lanes Mill Road next to Dorado Plaza.

You can now use a new extension of Herborn Avenue that runs behind Wawa to get onto the Parkway Southbound.

There's a new traffic light at Stephan Road for commuter lot traffic. No more hanging on for dear life and hoping that you can make it across at least 3 lanes of Lanes Mill Road to turn left out of the lot.

There are now two dedicated right turn lanes to get onto Burnt Tavern Road from Lanes Mill Road, in addition to a new dedicated traffic light for those turning right (no more "rolling stops" as people try to slip in with traffic coming across the intersection). The Parkway overpass is also now two lanes going both ways.

There's also a new dedicated bus lane for commuter buses to go directly from the Parkway off-ramp into the commuter lot. There is, to put it lightly, a rather heavy merge here of cars getting off, cars & buses getting on, and buses getting off here, so heads up!

What you can't do (yet):


The exit from the Parkway Northbound onto Burrsville Road is not open yet (again, as of this May 22nd writing). I found this out the hard way, folks! Believe the fact that the signs still have tarps over them or you're on the Parkway until Exit 98!

The new Parkway entrance at Burrsville Road is not open yet.

The extension from Burnt Tavern Road to Lanes Mill Road (North of Burrsville) is not open yet.

So, while there is the added convenience of new ways to get onto the Parkway Southbound, rather than staying on Lanes Mill Road past Route 88, as of right now, the exit to get off of the Parkway is not open yet.

We'll of course do our best to keep you informed as the situation is sure to change (most likely, the second after I hit the "Publish" button).


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