It's a topic that's been making news almost this whole week, so there was plenty of buzz going into last night's planned protest against the Lakewood BlueClaws' upcoming Pride Night.

To catch you up real quick - a rabbi called for a protest against the BlueClaws because of their upcoming night to recognize National Pride Month.

The response was swift, with a group of prominent Ocean County rabbis making an unequivocal statement in support of the BlueClaws and their message of equality and inclusion, and condemning Rabbi Yehuda Levin and his calls for protest.

So, what happened at the actual protest after all of this buildup?

Here, see for yourself with this video from the Asbury Park Press:


Basically, the counter-protesters far outnumbered the actual protest.

You can get much more on the protest of the protest from the Asbury Park Press article, including a photo gallery, by clicking here.



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