I love the creativity of some of my friends.  A married couple I know just hosted a "Leftover Party," encouraging guests to bring whatever was leftover from Christmas weekend.  The invitation offered some suggestions:  "Half a cheese ball - always better with age! (We will have leftover crackers.) The fruitcake you planned to use as a doorstop - some of us actually like fruitcake! .  We will serve leftovers of our own, and we plan to serve everything up on mismatched paper goods from holidays past. "

When I arrived I saw a wide variety of food on the table; everything from roast chicken to lasagna to sweet potatoes.  And of course, there were plenty of desserts.  As each guest arrived, it was kind of fun to guess and then see what food they would set on the table.  And then another neat surprise was when I saw the Festivus corner.  Referencing that famous "Seinfeld" episode about Mr. Costanza's made-up holiday, my friends had an aluminum pole and a Festivus binder for "the airing of grievances." 


I chuckled as I read things people wrote.  Some were funny; some were serious.  But they all in some way referenced their frustrations about bad drivers, construction, and other disappointments.  That's a healthier way to let off steam, isn't it?  Just write your grievances down!

Have you ever celebrated Festivus or attended a Leftover Party?  Any other suggestions on ways to make holiday gatherings more fun/creative/interesting?  Please share in the Comments section.





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