Here we go.

While it's not in Ocean or Monmouth Counties, it's in New Jersey, and the ramifications of the incident have the ability to affect the entire state. Thank goodness, we haven't heard about any positive cases in Ocean County schools as of yet — but a northern New Jersey school district is now reporting that a student came into the school and tested positive on the first day of school.

The student, who is in high school, attends Hackettstown High School in Warren County.

According to reports, the student went to school on the first day and later tested positive for COVID-19. We can speculate that the student did not know that he had the virus, or that he was asymptomatic since he had the test post-school day — but it just goes to show that this is going to be a very tumultuous school year.

As many school districts in the state choose a hybrid model, the thought of an 'A' - 'B' schedule with virtual learning on one day might not be enough to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.

Governor Phil Murphy has said explicitly that he is monitoring schools throughout the state, and if there is a fall surge, schools will be closed, rightfully so. But what classifies as a surge?

I am sure that Governor Murphy was told by his health officials that there ARE going to be some reported cases in schools — but on the first day? This is going to be an interesting — and scary school year.

What do you think? Should schools close until there is a vaccination? Let us know in the comments section below.

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