When you lose a parent to lung cancer, it puts smoking into perspective.  We all know the health risks involved, yet smokers continue to smoke.  It's an addiction that's hard to break.  I know, because my relatives and friends have tried.   I've witnessed the bad moods and the cravings.  Some have been more successful at quitting than others.

Those who haven't yet kicked the habit have a great opportunity to try again.  On Friday, November 17th, it's The Great American Smokeout.  The American Cancer Society's effort to convince folks to give up tobacco just for one day.  The thought is that if a smoker can resist the urge for 24 hours, they will be better able to quit for good.  The ACS offers all kinds of great tips and support on their website.  Something that I encourage EVERYONE to read is about helping a smoker quit.

If you are a smoker, please consider putting away the cigs for a day.  Lung cancer is a horrible, terrible, awful disease!

If you have a quitting success story, please post in the Comments so that we can encourage smokers to kick the habit, at least for a day.






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