Why have I never heard of this "amazing" fundraiser in Manchester Township?

Kevin's Kids Annual Holiday Drive provides toys, clothing, and more to Manchester children and their families in need.  Kevin's Kids Annual Holiday Drive was started by Kevin Burger.

Checking his special list.
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From Kevin's Kids facebook page - Some thirty years ago one of our first grade teachers asked her class, “What is Santa Claus going to bring you on Christmas Eve?” Unfortunately one child broke the teacher’s heart with his response of “Santa Claus never comes to my house.” Saddened by the boy’s story, Kevin Burger started a drive to help the boy and his family as well as a handful of other needy children.

This year's goal and every year the goal of the Kevin’s Kids Drive is to not only provide toys but include much needed necessities such as clothing and food. This is a Christmas Drive, but hopefully the necessities provided will help parents in these difficult times throughout the year. This year has been incredibly tough for all of us, let's all come together for Manchester Township.

The Manchester School District community and the staff hopes to grand a specific wish from a child's wish list for Christmas. Teachers in the Manchester Township contact parents of the children nd develop the wish list of each child. Santa will visit the home of each of the children, bringing not just gifts but the opportunity to improve their lives.

The children and families that are helped with Kevin's Kids struggle every other day of the year and we want them to have at least one special day full of surprise and as well as the chance for a better New Year. It offers these children the chance to believe that good things can happen to them. The list for families continue and each donation goes directly to buy food, new toys, and clothing for every child on their list.
WOW, this is just amazing. Thank you to Manchester Township for coming together for the community. If you'd like to donate to Kevin's Kids Drive:
Donations may be dropped off at any Manchester public school or mailed to:
Kevin's Kids
c/o Manchester Township Middle School
2759 Ridgeway Rd.
Manchester, NJ 08759
Please make checks payable to 'Manchester Township Middle School' 
'Kevin's Kids' in the memo section
This just warms my heart and the amount of smiles you are bringing to families is just incredible.
Sue Moll
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