I love a good vacation as much as most people.  Getting away, having a change of scenery, and exploring some place new is one of my favorite things.  BUT, there's something about a "staycation" that feels perfect this weekend.

I have no plans to drive anywhere today, tomorrow, or Monday, and I'm happy about that.  What I am planning is to do some relaxing.  That's something that I usually don't do on vacation because I'm running from one place to the next, trying to cram as much as possible into my time away.  How will I relax?  I'm envisioning sitting in my backyard, surrounded by trees, listening to birds, and feeling the breeze as I do some reading.  And when the showers come, I'll move inside to where my couch and TV are.  There's a DVR full of shows that I'd like to watch guilt-free.

My other hope for my staycation is that I can get some stuff done around the house.  That means organizing my home office which I've neglected.  I need to file, declutter, and purge.  Which leads me to my next goal.  I'm going to have a yard sale next month so I'll spend time this weekend gathering and pricing my stuff that I'll be selling.  I know this paragraph mentioned things that fall under the category of "work" but I always feel good and relieved when I accomplish things that have been on my to-do list.   So for me, a little bit of work will actually make part of my staycation good and relaxing.

The beauty of living in Ocean County is that the attractions that others drive hours for are only minutes away.  Well, without traffic.  So how will YOU be spending this long holiday weekend?  What will you be doing on YOUR staycation?

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