We are almost 16 months (64 Weeks, 448 Days) away from the next Presidential Election, but we are slammed with stories, ads and sights of the many Presidential Candidates .... Is it already overload?

Some people love politics ... the debates, issues and even the bickering, but for many they just tune out ... So where do you fall into the mix ?

  • Had Enough?
  • Want More?
  • Pay No Attention To Any of It?

By the way election day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Democrats Declared
Lincoln Chafee
Hillary Clinton
Martin O'Malley
Bernie Sanders
Jim Webb

Republicans Declared
Jeb Bush
Ben Carson
Chris Christie
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorina
Lindsey Graham
Mike Huckabee
Bobby Jindal
George Pataki
Rand Paul
Rick Perry
Marco Rubio
Rick Santorum
Donald Trump