I think this could be it for American Idol. If it's not, maybe it should be.

I feel like, more so this year than any other year, people's anticipation (or lack thereof) has been one big yawn.

Almost none of my Facebook friends are talking about it. There doesn't seem to be much excitement in the air.

On last night's premiere, there was a moment that they played for laughs, but I think it was more of a telling moment about how irrelevant the show has become:

A contestant who was waiting in the holding room said how excited and nervous she was to meet Mariah and Nikki, of course referring to Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj, who were judges on the show two years ago.

Not even the contestants know who the judges are today.

Who knows, this season could uncover the most talented batch of future superstars ever (just listen to the commercials, that's what they keep telling us), but in the meantime they have to find a way to keep us interested. At the moment, I'm not.

What about you? Are you still an Idol fan or do you think it's time to put a nail in the coffin?

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