I know what those who believe in the right to bear arms always say…”Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  They are both right and wrong and it’s time we stopped playing politics and realized there is a real problem in this country.

In the last two weeks we have seen horror in Atlanta, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado with 18 innocent people killed.  Yes, the gunmen were deranged and sick, you have to be to do something like that.  It’s very likely that even stricter laws would not have stopped them from getting their hands on weapons…a handgun was used in Atlanta and an AR-15 style weapon in the Colorado shooting that claimed 10 lives earlier this week.  However should we not make it as difficult as possible so after the fact we can at least know that it was not easy for the guns to be purchased?

I know what is in the Second Amendment and I am certainly not advocating that we change it.  However is there any one of us that truly believes our “Founding Fathers” crafted that with what is happening today in mind?  Most of those in favor of stronger gun control are just looking to apply some common sense at a national problem. Tighter background checks, a longer waiting period before approval and a better job, a much better job when it comes to mental health would be steps in the right direction.

The American public is overwhelmingly in favor of stricter gun legislation and our representatives are supposed to do just that….represent us.  Don’t take guns out of the hands of responsible owners but make it tougher to purchase them even if means a delay because of background checks which is where this all needs to start.

This should not be a Republican or Democratic issue or a conservative or liberal one as well.  It should be everyone’s issue.  Too many innocent lives are being lost and not just through mass shootings.  They are the ones that garner headlines but gun violence is an everyday occurrence all across our country.

We can and must do better.

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