Governor Chris Christie says controlling the high costs of college needs to happen so graduates coming out with large loans can have a better chance building their future.

Student loans
Zephyr Picture, Getty Images

Speaking in Lakewood, the Governor was asked what could be done for students coming out of college with large student loans often with no job prospects.

Christie notes that one of the problems that has happened with loan programs is, because the money has been available, there has been no pressure on schools to control costs.

“They continually bring things up and just think ‘Oh well they’ll just borrow more money,’” Christie said.

“Part of what we need to do is clamp down on costs on the college level and say just because the loan money is available, it doesn’t mean you have to charge to the level of the loan.”

Christie notes that when he graduated law school he came out with $40,000 in debt, a number that he thought was large for the time.

“I remember making that payment and it stopped us for years from buying a house because for me and Mary Pat, we already had a mortgage payment; it was our student loan payments.”


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