UPDATE - Gordon Ramsay just surprised Kallista and it was amazing! Click here to watch.

Gordon Ramsay is in Toms River this week filming for his show "24 Hours to Hell and Back" at Caneda's White Rooster, as we all know. But this little girl's one wish while battling cancer is to meet Gordon Ramsay.

I only hope we can help with making her wish come true. Thanks to jerseyshoreonline.com for this story.

Her name is Kallista and she's a HUGE fan of Gordon Ramsay. Her "Make A Wish" is to meet him.

CLICK HERE to meet Kallista.

This is from her dad's Facebook page:

"She is freaking out because he is in town filming. She is a HUGE fan! Obsessed is more like it! Please keep sharing this until she meets him. She wanted to use her Make A Wish to meet him. Please help this message find a way to Gordon Ramsay! She is a great kid and Gordon Ramsay is her idol! She’d even be happy with a phone call from him. Her room has a cardboard cut out of Gordon…she LOVES him. Please help a little girl with cancer get her wish!”

There's even a hashtag #TeamKallista.

Let's make Kallista's dream come true! Ocean County loves you Kallista.

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Kristin Church, Ken Gaughran, Townsquare Promotions Department, Townsquare Media
Kristin Church, Ken Gaugran, Promotions Department, Townsquare Media