It never ceases to amaze me - just when you think "what will they come up with next?" a remarkable new technology that seemed impossible only a short while ago is introduced to the public. That is exactly what Google did today.

"Google Nose" is a new search tool that not only delivers visual search results, but also the distinct aroma of what you're looking for.

Got a hankering for sizzling fajitas? Just search it on Google Nose!

Winter blues got you down? Just type in "fresh cut grass"!

Oh, and just in case you were actually buying into this...take a look at your calendar.

Yup, now you got it - Google has a long tradition of increasingly elaborate April Fools pranks.

The best part about it is that they always seem to come up with things that are just barely on the edge of believability, so you kind of hesitate for a second before totally realizing that it's just a prank.

Good job keeping us on our toes, Google!

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