This morning when I was prepping my show, I noticed we had shared an article saying that NASA had changed all of our zodiac signs. 

The article was written by (my good friend) Nicole Murray on our sister station 94.3 the Point. She explained that NASA has confirmed there is a 13th Zodiac Sign called Ophiuchus, and it has shifted the dates of everyone's signs. Nicole even hinted that she wasn't happy about no longer being a Pisces. Well, I have good news for everyone - your signs did not change (you're still a Pisces, Nicole!)

This information has been circulating around for quite a few years, and it always seems to blow up on social media every now and then. Here's the deal - NASA itself is confirming that it did not change your star sign. wrote an article that sums up the confirmation, saying NASA knew that the Babylonians left out a 13th star sign (constellation) in order to make the Zodiac calendar easier to follow. The article explains that NASA isn't changing the dates of the Zodiac calendar, it is only pointing out that there is a new constellation, and that other signs have shifted positions in the sky over the years. definitely explains it better than I can, so check it out here. You can also check out NASA's tweet confirming this below:

I've heard that astrologers don't buy into this either - I remember listening to an episode of the podcast That's So Retrograde a couple of years ago, where astrologer Shannon Aganza agreed that your Zodiac sign is the one you always thought you had. I can't imagine being anything other than the quirky, introspective, "don't ask me questions," activist of an Aquarius that I am.

So, next time you see this news recirculating, remember, your sign did not change, and NASA confirmed that!

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Diana Tyler
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