Caesar the tiger at the Popcorn Park Zoo recently had a mass and a biopsy and bloodwork and everything came back great!  He is doing great and we are all so happy that the results came back just fine!

Here's the update on Caesar from Popcorn Park Animal Refuge Facebook page:

Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo
Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo

Caesar’s biopsy came back this morning and everything is GGGGGRRRrreat!!! The mass was benign and his bloodwork also came back very good. What a relief. We are so thankful for all your prayers and well wishes. Below was in the comment section of the results from the state pathologist, be sure to read the last line “local recurrence is not anticipated”. The incision site is healing nicely and he isn’t bothering it. So when the weather finally stays a bit warmer come on out and say “Hey” to Caesar.

COMMENTS: Apocrine ductular adenomas are benign neoplasms that originate from ductular cells of apocrine sweat glands. They are often multilobular and may be pigmented. With complete excision, local recurrence is not anticipated.

Caesar is a big cat that we all love to visit in the Summertime!  Make sure to stop by and say, "Hi" to Caesar!  We love you big guy!  Thank you to everyone at the Popcorn Park Zoo for loving and taking care of these beloved animals!  And every Thursday we have a cat or a dog up for adoption with Shawn and Sue's Ocean County Pet of the Week!


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