I’m suddenly very interested in something that happened several years before I was born.  And I have a TV series to thank (or blame.)  The making of the film, “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane” is a big part of the new series “Feud:  Bette and Joan,” created by Ryan Murphy (of "Glee, "American Horror Story," and "Scream Queens" fame.)  It premiered Sunday and I found it compelling.

It’s fun to get a look inside Hollywood in the 1960s.  Here are two aging actresses who do not like each other.  Yet they agree to work together.  I’ve only seen one episode but can tell we’re in for a season of HIGH drama!  Hmmm...looks like Crawford is mighty jealous of that Marilyn Monroe character!  We'll see what becomes of that in the episodes to come.

This "Feud" series recalls how film studios used to control their actors.  It shows us the lying, cheating, and scheming, and backstabbing that went on throughout Hollywood in that era.

The acting in the 2017 series has Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford.  Their performances are riveting.  Because of this one episode, I’m interested in learning more about the two actresses they are portraying.  And I’d like to watch some of their old films.

Do you have a favorite actress from Hollywood’s Golden Years?  What’s your favorite film from back in the day?

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