Bailey is hoping she'll find herself a family.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo

Bailey has been through such a sad ordeal and we really hope to make everything ok for her once again. Bailey is about 7 years old and sadly, her owner passed away in the home and was not found until several days later. Poor Bailey was just terrified when she was found in the house. There's no family to take Bailey, so she is now hoping for a new family that will give her all the love that she will surely give you in return. Bailey is an affectionate, well-behaved girl that just wants your attention.


She seems to have some arthritis in her back end but she gets around very well.  We don't know if Bailey lived with other pets in the past but she doesn't react to dogs and would be happy to meet yours and see how it goes. She is still playful and tends to be a little mouthy, so no young kids is best. Bailey is an absolute doll that hopes you'll welcome her into your life!

Bailey girl is available for adoption, call the Popcorn Park Zoo for more information at 609 -693 - 1900 or email: to meet Bailey.

The Popcorn Park Rescue Shelter is not open to the public due to Covid-19, but please call ahead to Bailey or any animal at the shelter. The Popcorn Park Zoo is OPEN everyday.

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