This is a time of year that many eagerly anticipate. No, I'm not talking about football playoffs, I'm talking about Girl Scout Cookie season! And the century old tradition kicks off for 2017 this weekend in Ocean County.

According to the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, it was 100 years ago that the first Girl Scouts started selling cookies.

We can thank a group of girls from Oklahoma for kicking off the tradition that's become something that people across the country look forward to.

To celebrate the centennial of their cookie sales, the Girl Scouts are also offering a new flavor this year - S'mores.

I had a chance to get my hands on a box of the chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker treats and I have to say, they may become a new favorite (and in the spirit of full disclosure, no the box didn't last very long, so I don't have any left to share. Sorry).

You can order your own box of S'mores (or of course old favorites like Thin Mints and Samoas) starting this weekend.

Ordering begins on Saturday, January 14th, with orders expected to be delivered in late February, and booth set-ups showing up in Ocean County on March 3rd.

By the way, the Girl Scouts are suggesting that if you want to try the new S'mores flavor, it's a good idea to order ahead. They're expecting a high demand and say that they can't promise that boxes will be available for in-person sales in March!

What flavors will be on your Girl Scout cookie order? Comment below and let us know your favorites!


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