"Operation Kid-Safe Regional Child-Safety Day" is the name, providing fingerprint I-D cards for your child is the mission on Saturday in Ocean County.

It could be what one day saves your child's life, having a personal I-D card with fingerprints of your child for you to keep.

Operation KidSafe founder Mark Bott says it's free and completely private.

Only you have a copy of the card and it doesn't appear in any database.

"The parent takes home the only record of the visit which is going to be a bio-document," Bott said. "It's going to have your child's ten-digitized fingerprints. We use the same equipment as the FBI and it can actually get all ten prints, a photo and all our safety tips on one card."

He says your card will print in 60-seconds or less.

"We put a little photo in the corner while they're (the parents and kids) on site," Bott said. "The parent is then the steward of that document. They take it home, keep it accessible 24-hours a day and if they have a family emergency, they would then hand it to law enforcement."

Bott says parents will take home a lifetime amber alert bio-document that includes their child's ten fingerprints, photo and safety tips.

"We hope it's a form that they'll never have to use," Bott said. "This would be the best wasted trip in history."

The card you'll bring home also includes a list of important safety tips to review with the kids.

"Stranger-Danger doesn't work, very simply, because 80-percent of the crimes committed against children in today's world are by people they know or perceive or are endorsed by the parent," Bott said.

You don't have to RSVP, just show up and have get your kids fingerprinted.

The event runs from 10 am until 3 pm at Harley Davidson of Ocean County on Route 70 in Lakewood.

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