Ladybelle is still waiting.

Popcorn Park Zoo

Ladybelle has been waiting for such a long time to be discovered since coming to us in the summer of 2019 as a stray. She was adopted briefly, but returned when the adopter simply changed their mind. She is about 5 1/2 years old and a shelter is nowhere for Ladybelle. She is very anxious while in a kennel, but once she's away from the hub-bub, Ladybelle turns into a calm, relaxed girl that wants nothing more than to get lots of attention from you, take a walk, and run and play.  She has lots of energy and she's very silly and goofy. She sits perfectly when asked and takes treats very gently, and she's a big fan of flopping on her back to get a belly rub. Ladybelle gets along with most larger dogs so if you have one, bring them in to meet her. She needs a cat-free home though. Ladybelle sure would just love to finally have a family of her own.

Check out Ladybelle's video:

Popcorn Park Zoo

The Popcorn Park Zoo is OPEN, the rescue is not because of Covid-19. But, you CAN SCHEDULE an appointment to meet your new family member. The Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo has so many wonderful dogs and cats up for adoption. Call them today to meet Ladybelle or another furry friend, 609 - 693 - 1900.

The Popcorn Park Zoo is located at 1 Humane Way in Forked River. Their phone number is 609 - 693 - 1900.

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