Georgian Court University is adding a new education dimension by providing students at Saint John Vianney High School passage into higher learning where they can earn a graduate degree in four years.

Georgian Court University Campus in Lakewood, NJ. (Photo courtesty of Laurie Ebenau)
Georgian Court University Campus in Lakewood, NJ. (Photo courtesy of Laurie Ebenau)

'The Early College Academy Program' run between SJV and Brookdale Community College allows students to earn 60-credits and an Associates Degree before graduating high school.

GCU has tacked on a back end to this program and joined alongside these two other schools to give students a chance to complete their academic journey by earning a Bachelors Degree in two years post-high school and then two years after that...a Graduate Degree.

"The first three years of their time here is on the undergraduate level," said Dean of Admissions Justin Roy. "They're starting their graduate work a little bit earlier and we're ensuring that they have that support and the mentor-ship along with it."

He adds they wanted to provide another location for students to continue developing social and educational skills.

"They'll be considered an undergraduate student for three years which is good when you start to look at financial aid and scholarships," said Roy. "Many scholarships offered are for undergraduate students."

Instead of spending six-years following high school earning Associates, Bachelors and Graduate Degrees, students at SJV will be able to start in high school and spend only four years afterwards earning the ladder degrees.

"It also gives them access to the skills and knowledge they'll learn out in the workforce," said Roy.

He believes this program allows students to further develop those necessary skills needed for their chosen profession.

"They are taking the same amount of classes that a regular schedule would be with 15-credits a semester," said Roy.

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