State legislation that raises the gasoline tax 23 cents per gallon to restore the Transportation Trust Fund for road, bridge and rail upkeep clears the Senate, 23-14. Now, it's the Assembly's turn.

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The tally among Senators in Ocean, Monmouth and Burlington:

Yes - Joseph Kryillos (R-13), Robert Singer (R-30), Dawn Marie Addiego (R-8)

No - Jennifer Beck (R-11), Christopher Connors (R-9), James Holzapfel (R-10), Diane Allen (R-7)

Absent - Sam Thompson (R-12)

In the Assembly:

Yes - Herb Conaway (D-7), Joe Howarth (R-8), Sean Kean (R-30), Declan O'Scanlon (R-13), David Rible (R-30), Maria Rodriguez-Gregg (R-8), Troy Singleton (D-7).

No - Rob Clifton (R-12), Ron Dancer (R-12), DiAnne Gove (R-9), Amy Handlin (R-13), Eric Houghtaling (D-11), Greg McGuckin (R-10), Brian Rumpf (R-9), David Wolfe (R-10).

The 82-page document also entails a reduction of three-eights of one percent from New Jersey's seven-percent sales tax, elimination of the estate tax and select income tax reductions. Ostensibly, it ends in eight years.

A significant reason for this course of action is that the money now being deposited in the fund is going straight to pay debts amounting to $20,000,000,000. Some would be structured to allow another $12,000,000,00 in borrowing during the next eight years.

By reliable estimates, the value of the tax cuts won't exceed the revenues reaped by the tax increase until 2025.

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