It was the summer of 1973 when I was on the phone trying to win my first radio contest. I had no idea, but my Dad or Grandad knew the answer of "Chesterfield cigarettes" (it was some sort of trivia question about an actor and his favorite brand). Somehow I managed to get through to WOBM and believe it or not, I won! Now I didn't win cigarettes, but instead, I won pasta. Actually, I won several boxes of pasta, just what every 7-year old wants, right? But it made my Mom happy and it's funny looking back that WOBM was giving away pasta! It was actually rigatoni if you want to be specific.

That was about 45 years ago when WOBM was 5 and now after 22 years working here and doing many contests, I'm here to celebrate WOBM's 50th BIrthday! Maybe it's time to give away some pasta once again? It's always fun playing contests with listeners. If I did the math correctly, I've probably done over 5,000 contests with WOBM Listeners!

Have YOU ever won a radio contest? 

What was your favorite prize that YOU won? 

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