While Jersey Central Power and Light has to disclose the information on their earnings and reliability since 2005, an Ocean County Freeholder will be monitoring the proceedings with extra attention.

Freeholder Joseph Vicari has publicly criticized JCP&L for their handling of power restoration following Hurricane Irene, and now the Board of Public Utilities' (BPU) decision for the utility to file  a base rate case could mean necessary action by the Freeholder.

"I'm going to with, Steve Scuttoro who's the director of Consumer Affairs, follow it very closely. If necessary we're going to join in any kind of lawsuit or whatever is necessary to make sure they charge a fair and reasonable rate." says Vicari.

The results from base rate case could result in lower utility costs for residents, however Vicari is very concerned the possibly higher-than-necesarry prices for electricity could be hitting seniors, who are on a fixed budget, extra hard.

"What's going to happen is because they're paying the electric bill, you're taking money that should be used for food off the table. You're taking money that could be used to pay for their rent or mortgage and I just want to make sure we analyze it so it's fair and reasonable and justified."

Since Vicari's criticism of JCP&L the Freeholder has opened the lines of communication withe officials at the utility, however he continues to fight for representation with the BPU to prevent Ocean County from being the target of any future mistreatment.

"I'm going to encourage the governor of the state of New Jersey that the next time there is an opening on the Board of Public Utilities to look at Ocean County. We have a lot of qualified people who can serve and scrutinize all of the people who can come in."