Today is Arbor Day, a day to celebrate the role trees play in our lives.  Trees prevent runoff and erosion; their shade helps lower air conditioning costs; they boost the value of our homes.  Medical studies have shown that just looking at trees can reduce stress!

Arbor Day is also a day to encourage tree planting around the world.  Locally there's a nice opportunity to get a free tree seedling in Stafford Township.  A choice of Eastern Redbud or Eastern White Pine seedling will be offered to those who attend today's ceremony honoring students who participated in an environmental poster, poem, and essay contest.  This year's contest theme is F.I.S.H. which stands for Forests Interacting with Saltwater Habitat.

Prizes and honors will be awarded in a ceremony this afternoon at the Ocean Acres Community Center.  It's expected to run from 3:45-4:45 pm.

Though the event is geared towards students and their parents and teachers, any Stafford Township resident who would like a free tree seedling may also attend.

Once you get a seedling, here's information about how to plant it:

If you'd like more information about Arbor Day, you can visit

Have you ever planted a tree seedling?  How big is your tree now?