Going into Memorial Day weekend, I covered the sure signs that it's Summer in Ocean County, one thing we didn't touch on though - trying to find a parking spot.

If you do decide to brave Seaside or Point Beach on a Summer weekend you'll play what a friend of mine likes to call "the parking spot game". You know how it goes, driving up and down streets trying to find an open spot. While Point Pleasant Beach and Seaside Heights both have municipal lots with numbered spots where you put the meter ticket in your window, both areas also have their share of old fashioned quarter meters.


How much of a treat is it when you finally find an open spot, and not only that, but there's even some time left on the meter!

Well, if a pilot program in Denver catches on, those leftover few minutes could be a thing of the past.

The coin operated meters can be a hassle - you don't necessarily know how long you're going to stay, you have to keep an eye on your watch just in case you overstay your meter, and if you put in more than you need, you're wasting money (but, you could always feel good that you left some positive parking meter karma for the next person).

With this program, there would be sensors at each parking spot that would trip when a car pulls out of a spot and clear any remaining paid-for time on the meter.

So what do you think about this program? Would you be annoyed if we saw it here in Ocean County? Vote below and feel free to leave a comment!


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