Sometimes I miss the old days.  When things were simple.  Today we have so many options, it's sometimes hard to make a decision.  Do you ever feel that way?

Let's just think about how many choices you have to make when you order coffee nowadays:    Regular or Decaf? With cream or without? Regular, reduced fat, skim, soy, or almond milk? With sweetener or without?  What TYPE of sweetener?  Hot or cold?

If you like cold coffee, now there's a whole new assortment to choose from!  Apparently Cold Brew tastes better than regular Iced Coffee.  And the new Nitro Brews are popular for their creamy texture and "frothy mouthfeel."  They're for sale at supermarkets as well as coffee shops.  Have you tried the newer style coffees?  What do you like about them? I'm more of a "tried and true" coffee, no sugar please.

Well, whatever you're going to have to celebrate, I hope you have a great National Coffee Day!


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