Did you watch any of the MTV Video Music Awards last night? I'm always open to new sounds and different musical styles but I'm not loving a lot of the popular artists right now.  My friend posted something on Facebook that kind of expressed how I feel so it sparked my blog post topic for today.  "After scoping out the VMAs & taking the pulse of today’s scene, all I can say is “good luck kids” ... I’m headin’ back to the 80s."

I'm also a big fan of 80s music, as you know.  You've heard me talk about my love for Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and Spandau Ballet.

So if you were going to head back to a particular decade...which would it be?  What era produced most of your all-time favorite songs?  Did you love the Doo Wop 50s, British Invasion of the 60s, Disco 70s, New Wave 80s, or Grunge 90s?

This blog post is just for fun.  I mean no disrespect to the artists on the awards show last night.  Music is really such a subjective, personal taste kind of thing.  Actually there are a bunch of current hitmakers that I'm really into.  I love every song on that Portugal. The Man album.  Shawn Mendez has a voice that I could listen to all day.  And I'm always excited to hear what Janelle Monae's going to do next.

But people are usually most fond of the music that was popular when they were in high school so let's see if that holds true in Ocean County.

What decade of music do you think was the BEST?

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