The NERF brand has been around for years.  It’s actually an acronym for “non-expanding recreational foam” In fact, the very first product made from “safe foam” was in 1969.  It was marketed as the “The World’s first official indoor ball.”  Something the Brady Kids wish they had.

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My first NERF toy was a football.  I can still throw a perfect spiral all the time.  They’re great to toss around the pool and the beach.  If they get wet, just wring it out.  It’s basically a sponge.  It dries easily too.

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When the 1990’s arrived the need for the ultimate water gun was satisfied.  NERF introduced the Super Soaker.  A water gun is able to project a stream of H20 further than any leading water gun in the toy store.

It seems once the NERF “DART” arrived in 1992, that was the holy grail.  First as a dart bow and arrow to the NERF dart blaster. Many different varieties of DART blasters have materialized since.

And just in time for an amusement arena to open for kids, the NERF ULTRA ONE arrives in 2019.  This thing will project a NERF DART farther than anything else.

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A perfect choice for maximum entertainment at the aforementioned NERF Arena.  The newest type of amusement that seems to be taking space at various Malls.  So far, Pups of War Arena has opened in only 3 locations nationwide.

Locally at the Brunswick Square mall Route 18 in East Brunswick.  Get this.  Their two other locations are in Hawaii!

TONS of NERF DART FUN at Pups Of War Arena

Pups Of War Arena is a 6,000 square safe environment, where anyone can load up their favorite NERF device and blast their favorite or unfavorite person.  😊   Protective glasses, that are thoroughly cleaned after each use and special slide-free Pups of War socks are a must to enhance the safety of the experience.  Not just for participants, but spectators too.

You can just walk in and play.  Twenty bucks get you a half hour.  Birthday parties can also be booked.  They offer a choice of three different party options.  NERF Blasters can be purchased or rented on-premises.  What’s also important to know, is Pups of War Arena is “disability-friendly”.  Their soft floors and ramps make it comfortable for all.

This reminds me of Laser Tag.  In fact, some of the situations the Pup of War Arena places you in have that same NEON lighting.  I can’t wait to try this!  You too?

Here’s how you can get in touch with Pups of War Arena in the Brunswick Square Mall.  Call 732-361-2295

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