Brick School officials closed five classrooms Monday in a section of the high school due to mold found in that part of the building.

School officials cite the continued high humidity as the likely culprit of the mold that surfaced and they worked quickly to clean the affected classrooms.

Test results will indicate for sure that the mold has been eliminated from the classroom and surrounding area.

Here is the letter sent home to parents by Brick Township School Officials:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our teaching and custodial staff at BTHS discovered one classroom, in one section of the building that appeared to have developed surface mold growth.

In order to exercise the utmost caution we decided to close all 5 classrooms in that specific section of the building.

The most probable cause was the high humidity we are continued to experience during the opening week of school.

To quickly rectify the situation, in order to insure a safe and clean environment for students and staff, immediate action is being taken to clean all affected surfaces.

District maintenance staff are inspecting all ventilation equipment to insure that all components are functioning appropriately.

Additionally, we have contracted with Environmental Safety Management Corporation to provide services for testing of air and surfaces and monitoring for temperature and humidity to assure that all locations are safe prior to occupancy by students.

District staff will continue to monitor the conditions of the impacted rooms on a regular basis as we await the results of testing.

Respectfully yours,

Gerard Dalton, Superintendent of Schools, and William Kleissler, Brick High School Principal.

This is not the first case just the most recent of mold found at a New Jersey school this year.

Just last month, lower levels of mold spores were found at Emma Havens Elementary school in Brick Township while six classrooms had to be scrubbed at Lake Riviera Middle School due to surface mold growth.

The high summer humidity has been the culprit in these cases.

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