To mark Memorial Day, Southern Regional High Schoolers in Manahawkin are making 6,706 small sacrifices - one for each American military service member who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Field of Flags 2012, Southern Regional High School, Manahawkin

The teen, in what has become a Memorial Day tradition, is creating a Field of Flags by planting one 12"x18" replica of the Stars and Stripes for each military man and woman who have given their lives in service to America throughout the conflicts that have now consumed more than a decade.

School officials say that every student and staffer will help plant the banners this Thursday, May 23.

Middle and high-school students will devote part of their class time to complete the project in time for Friday morning's Memorial Day service at 10:30 AM.

The service is open to community members, veteran groups, and active-duty military members.

"The hope is that the Stafford community as well as the student body will begin the holiday weekend fully realizing the purpose behind the holiday," says Marilyn Daugherty in the district office.  The flags will remain in place through the holiday weekend.

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