PHILADELPHIA — A South Jersey native who was originally charged with attempting to burn a "thin blue line flag" has had the most serious charges dropped, according to the district attorney's office.

Woodbine resident Ryan Segin, 18, was arrested on Sunday afternoon, according to a statement from the Philadelphia Police Department. At the time of her arrest, supporters said Ryan was Segin's "deadname" — the name a trans person was assigned at birth but no longer uses. Segin was identified as ReAnna Segin in an article on on Wednesday.

The district attorney's office said the charges of attempted arson and causing/risking a catastrophe, both felonies, were dismissed. She is still facing charges of possession of an instrument of crime and recklessly endangering another person.

Segin's arrest was caught by a photographer for WHYY. In the pictures she can be seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a bandanna partially covering her face. The statement from the district attorney said police found road flares in her backpack as well as a can of paint thinner and a blue lighter stick.

After her arrest, Segin was taken to Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, a men's prison. She was released from there after supporters, including Amber Hikes, the city's executive director of LGBT Affairs, noted that she did not belong in a men's facility.

The District Attorney's office did not provide any details as to why the charges were dropped except that the decision was made "after additional investigation into the incident."

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