Ever feel left out of a conversation or think you're the only one who doesn't like something that everyone else loves?  Today's a day for me to ask, "what am I missing?"  I'm referring to football and videogames.

It was apparently a big football day yesterday because two phone calls I made (to unrelated people) included comments like "I'm watching the game now," and "Can I call you back after the game?"   So it was clear that when there's NFL action on TV, it is "must-see" viewing for a lot of people.

On Facebook I saw a bunch of references to Fantasy Football which seems like something people do because they want MORE football in their lives, and this keeps them going in between games.  Is that right?

So now today I see that it's National Video Games Day.  And I realize I have no idea how to play anything.  Except Pong, or Pac Man.  Those are the 2 games I learned when I was a kid.  Offer me one of those modern game controllers and I honestly would not know what buttons to push or how to move anything on the screen.

I see people playing games on their phones as well.  Candy Crush?  Bejeweled?  Solitaire?  I have never opened any of them.

So what am I missing out on? What do you enjoy about football and/or video games?  I don't necessarily want to add these pastimes into my life but I'm eager to learn more about their appeal.  Why do you make time to watch football and/or play video games?