Another reason to be excited this summer, a brand-new 25,000-square-foot aquarium has arrived in New Jersey. The marine life and experience they've put together make this a summer 'must-see'! Here's what you need to know.

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Credit: Sea Life Aquarium

While I'm a native New Yorker, I lived in Minnesota for 5 years before returning to the northeast and making New Jersey my home. While in MN, my family discovered Sea Life and we loved it. We even got season passes. It was under the Mall of America and filled with sharks, turtles, frogs, and tons of other marine life. My 10-year-old loved the stingrays and being able to pet them. Well, the same company had their grand opening yesterday at American Dream in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

attachment-Johnny Campbell, Sharky, Sharima Jackson, Camille DePascale, Rich Weddle and Nicole Mozeliak, COO of American Dream - Credit: Sea Life Aquarium

Here's the low down. They boast an ecosystem filled with over 3,000 living things and 100 species.  The experience sounds incredible.  "Guests begin their underwater adventure through the Aquarium in the “Rush Hour of the Ocean” subway-style platform and find themselves walking through ten immersive exhibits resembling famous New York City landmarks – window shopping along “Sharks Fifth Avenue,” enjoying graceful seahorses at the “Water Ballet,” being thrilled by red-bellied piranhas in the “Urban Jungle,” dancing with moon jellies at the dance club “Jellies 54,” and much more!"  If you want to take your family to experience it, get all the info here.

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