Police in Evesham continue their search for whoever's been stealing from people's cars and lockers at the Marlton LA Fitness on Route 73 North since December.

There's been nineteen reported incidents so far of suspects looting cash, credit cards, wallets and even gym bags all equaling to about thousands of dollars worth of personal property.

In some cases with the car burglaries glass has been smashed so the suspects could gain entry.

Evesham Police have been working closely with LA Fitness management in preventing and solving these thefts.

They ask you to report any suspicious activity. For crimes in progress dial 911. For past tense reports or those needing a non-emergency response call 856-983-1111.

Here are some tips from Evesham Police to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Take in only what you absolutely need.
  • Leave your valuable items at home or secure them in the trunk of your car before you enter the parking lot.
  • Use your own lock to secure your property in a gym locker, don't make it a cheap one (i.e., don't use a $5 lock for a $500 phone).

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