With Six Flags Great Adventure being an almost 40 year fixture here in Ocean County, it's understandable that we may not realize how outsiders see it, as a world class theme park that people flock to from near and far.

A few reasons for that is the fact that Great Adventure regularly gets "first of its kind" rides, and keeps getting recognized with some pretty big awards.

The latest comes courtesy of "The Golden Ticket Awards", where El Toro was named the Best Wooden Roller Coaster.

Oh yeah, it's also worth mentioning that this is the second time that El Toro scored the honor, being named the best in 2012 as well.

Not bad for a ride that's not even 10 years old, huh?

So, congratulations to Six Flags Great Adventure and El Toro!

It's pretty cool to be reminded that world class entertainment is right here within our very own borders!


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