The Ocean County Health Department confirms that two cases of chicken pox have turned up within its borders.

The cases were reported in the Brick Township School District. But Ocean County Health Department Spokeswoman Leslie Terjesen said it serves as an important reminder to get your children vaccinated.

"Immunizations are safe, effective, they save lives and when children don't get immunized we see resurgence in these vaccine-preventable illnesses," said Terjesen.

However, a few cases of childhood diseases, like the chicken pox, each year are not all that uncommon for our area, according to Terjesen.

"We see chicken pox sporadically. We seem to see chicken pox every year. We've had a mild winter so far, although not today."

When asked about reports that the shore area had the lowest immunization figures in the state, around the 90 percent range. Terjesen said those figures are derived from school nurse data and they vary a great deal. She said the figures don't account for children who may be in the middle of their inoculation series or children who are exempt for medical reasons.

Terjesen said adults need to get immunizations too.

"They need to get TDAP vaccinations, people over the age of 60 should get their shingles vaccine and we also encourage all adults to get a flu shot every year."

Terjesen said adults should also get blood screenings to see if they've had and are immune to measles, mumps or chicken pox.

Late last week, there were reports that parents in the Brick School District received letters telling them of students that had contracted the chicken pox. In addition, state health officials are running test on a Jersey City infant to see if they have New Jersey's first case of measles.