I'll be honest I love the Dollar Tree, I probably pop in there once a week for a wide array of items that I think are fine at a dollar. Everything from paper towels to zip lock bags to holiday decor.

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The Dollar Tree has a ton of items you won't find anywhere else. Now I know many will complain that a lot of their inventory comes from overseas, but I just don't see these items and prices elsewhere...so many times my go-to for inexpensive items is the Dollar Tree.

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For example, the Dollar Tree always has a ton of holiday items that you just don't want to spend a ton for and can't find elsewhere. They also are first out with each holiday decor before anyone else. We have always used them for small inexpensive holiday stuff.

Now comes the problem, if the U.S. economy tanks, they are talking about a price increase! What? Is it soon to become the Dollar - Fifty - Tree? This could be a game-changer and could make people think twice about their purchases? What do YOU think?

According to an NYPost article yesterday, the discount dollar store chain is making a price hike to cover labor costs and supply chain problems. In some cases, the prices could rise to $1.50 an item. Now while this is a price hike, Dollar Tree officials hope they can increase their stock with new more expensive items.

So how do you feel about this price hike at Dollar Tree? Is this a game-changer for YOU?


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