New things are being bought, sold, knocked down and rebuilt all the time at the Jersey Shore.

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But we don't always know what is happening until plans are already in motion.

Frustrating, right? Don't the town officials know that we like to know everything at all times as soon as we can know it?

There is an empty plot of land in Lavallette just a few blocks from my place that has got locals buzzing.

First let's take a look at the empty lot of land I am talking about:

Anyone Know What Is Planned For This Empty Plot Of Land In Lavallette?


So here is why this new sale of land has locals buzzing:

This area was once used to store boats, jet ski and hitches which was genius. The land's owner was not responsible for any upkeep. As long as the water equipment could be stored, he would get his payments.

The owner put this land on the market months ago...and it finally sold.

I am not sure if a new house or maybe even a new business is going to be built but I know something is coming because there are blue marks surrounding the perimeter of the area.

This land is being marked for SOMETHING.


Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray
Nicole S Murray

While a lot of the locals would prefer it be another house, a new business wouldn't be out of the question.

About a mile down the island, there are coffee shops, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, liquor stores and souvenir shops.

But near this empty plot of land, there aren't a lot of other businesses where a Dunkin, a convenience store or even a new Wawa would probably see a lot of traffic.

My neighbors and I have joked that we would buy this plot of land and open up a pool & Tiki bar! Now THAT would be a solid, new opening.

So...does anyone know anything?

If you have any information, email me at Thank you in advance!

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