The mild temps we've had this week, even though it's October, have made it feel a bit like summer.  What I mean is that the neighbors have been out, doing yardwork, sitting on the porch, eating outdoors, and socializing.  I'm lucky to live on a great street where everyone is really friendly.  We get together and socialize.  We go to restaurants together and watch movies at each others' homes.  We watch each others' houses, plants, and pets, when we're on vacation.  So many parts of Ocean County have that nice close-knit community feeling.  I've witnessed many friendly interactions at the pool in Holiday City!

One thing I hated about living in San Diego was how people kept to themselves.  They would park the car and go right into the house or apartment with barely a "Hi."  I know I'm over generalizing here but I witnessed this type of behavior a lot during my five years there.

Maybe my appreciation for good neighbors started when I was a little kid.  Growing up in Queens, we'd sit on the stoop in front of the house and talk to each other.  One night in particular stands out when my sister and I were home alone and the lights went out.  We went out to the stoop and found concerned neighbors ready to look after us during the blackout.

Soon the nights will turn cold so I'm looking forward to sharing some comfort food dinners with the neighbors.  Do you enjoy chatting with and spending time with the people on your street?  Or do you just "put up with them?"