Justin Bieber was the subject of a celebrity roast last night.  Though Comedy Central won't air it until March 30th, highlights are all over the internet today.  "Vulgar," Brutal," and "Trashy" are a few of the words that describe the gathering.

Reading some of the so-called "funniest" jokes online, I found myself cringing.  I'm not a prude, and I know comedy roasts have a long history dating back to the early years of The Friars Club, but I just don't like hearing people be mean to each other.

What's the point of publicly shaming someone?  Why bring up someone's mistakes or past transgressions?  I wonder how Bieber's ex-girlfriend is going to feel after hearing her name dragged into jokes about his sexuality.  And for goodness sake, why were Bruce Jenner and the Kardashians mocked at this event as well?

I love to laugh as much as anybody.  But in my opinion, hurting someone's feelings intentionally is not funny.  Am I missing something?  What is it about comedy roasts that make them so popular?