I'm so excited for summer, are you ready?

It's going to be a great summer here in Ocean County.

Every Friday we are lucky enough to broadcast from one of the best beaches at the Jersey Shore, Seaside Park.

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Here are some of the most beautiful sunrises we've seen when broadcasting live from Seaside Park.

10 Fabulous and Incredible Sunrises in Seaside Park

Starting this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) we will be broadcasting from the 92.7 WOBM Studio, once again. We've been doing our show live for several years. It's always fun to see lots of people down by the ocean before the sun comes up. Cameras, chairs, and blankets take over Seaside Park.

Some summer mornings are chilly right near the ocean, so definitely a blanket is needed.

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We start Memorial Day Weekend and end Labor Day Weekend. If you happen to be in Seaside to watch a sunrise, stop by the 92.7 WOBM beach studio. A quick wave or a quick "Hi" to us, we'd love that. We'll give you a shout-out on the radio.

Seaside Park is a great family vacation spot. Seaside Park has a great boardwalk and the most beautiful soft sand. If you stand at our beach studio facing the ocean, Seaside Heights is to the left and several miles down to the right is beautiful Island Beach State Park.

Seaside Park is very popular with the locals because of Berkeley Township. Most of us who live in Berkeley Township love our  White Sands beach. It's always a fun afternoon on the beach with neighbors and friends.

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