If you're a Star Wars fan who has been dying to stay at Disney's new resort based on the movie series, you need to read this before you book. 

First off, the Star Wars: Galatic Cruiser Hotel is still under construction and won't be ready until next year; so you can't make reservations yet. This gives you more time to decide whether or not you want to stay there, because, get ready for this one: you can't leave the hotel once you check-in.

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I first read this news on Yahoo Life and was honestly a little freaked out. Check out the reasoning behind it, from the article:

 The hotel is anything but a vacation - in fact, you're even given a space communicator that resembles a cell phone for "resistance meetings." Similar to an escape room, you have to stay until the experience is complete (you'll be in space, after all), so prepare for a fun (and perhaps exhausting) 60 hours.

Basically, it's more of an experience than a hotel stay. Which seems pretty cool and all, but I just can't get behind this.

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Star Wars is a movie that's special to people of all ages. I was recently in Disney and saw that the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge part of Disney's Hollywood Studios was packed - and the whole park was determined to get on the new Rise of the Resistance ride (which was INCREDIBLE, by the way). I understand that maybe Disney is imposing this rule on the Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser Hotel to keep crowds down, but imagine how confusing it must be for a child to get to Disney World, check-in at their hotel, and then be unable to visit the parks?

Here's another thing I take issue with: the price. Yahoo Life notes that a stay can be around $1400 for a mandatory 3 day/2 night stay. Let's say you want to enjoy a couple of days in the parks - now you'll have to add on another hotel stay, and park tickets too!

Listen, while the rooms are gorgeous, and I'm sure it's an unforgettable experience, I don't think it's for me. What are your thoughts on the rules at the Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser Hotel? Are you still dying to stay after learning you can't leave, or will you pass on this experience?

H/T: Hayley Lyndes, Yahoo Life

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