Ok, I swear I'm not crazy, but something really weird happened as I was leaving work last night, and the only explanations are a little wacky.

As I was getting onto the Parkway at interchange 81, the "infotainment" system on my car suddenly went blank. It was off for a good 30 seconds before it rebooted and came back online.

If it was just that, I wouldn't have thought much about it. With the sophisticated software in cars these days, you'd expect it to crash or reboot every now and then.

But here's what I noticed that was kind of odd - as my system was coming back online, I also noticed that one of the big LCD signs on the Parkway has blinked off and was just coming back online as well.

Did something happen that caused electronic devices in the Toms River area to blink out at the same time last night?

I know, it's a little tin foil hat conspiracy wacky. But it just seemed too strange of a coincidence to me.

Were you in the Toms River area around 8:00 last night? Did you notice anything weird, or am I just crazy? Comment below!

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