A home in East Windsor, New Jersey was greeted by a surprise guest when they invited themselves into their pool. NBC10 Philadelphia reported that an 85-year-old woman in Mercer County, NJ called her grandson when she heard a huge "crashing noise" while sitting in her home.

Dianne Twersky reported that she thought there was an earthquake because of the crashing, the banging and because of the way she felt the house shake.

She was shocked to find out that this wasn't an earthquake, but it was a deer that had somehow pounced through her glass window and was running around her East Windsor home last Friday afternoon.

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NBC10 reports that she was upstairs at the time and when Dianne peeked down her steps, she noticed a deer runningback and forth throughout her home. She then called her grandson, Marc, in for backup.

911 was alerted and animal control as well so they could get the deer out of Dianne's home and back into the woods of Mercer County, New Jersey where it belonged!



Once animal control and the police arrived, they were able to coral the deer and guide it into the backyard of the home, where the deer then jumped into Dianne's backyard pool, where it was caught on camera in the video above.

The deer caused some damage inside Dianne's home, but everyone involved in the incident was fine. The deer did have some minor cuts when animal control checked out the animal before setting it free, but it was running and walking fine.

Only in Mercer County, I swear! 

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