While driving into work today, I caught a glimpse of crews working on a new stoplight in one of the deadliest crosswalks in the county.


It was the horrible accident back in December of 2015 that prompted the conversation about having a stop light at the intersection of Fredrick Drive and Atlantic City Blvd right across from the Shoprite and The Bayville Diner.

With the increasing number of pedestrians crossing that intersection, it has become clear that a stoplight would be the most logical course of action. Even with drivers having the most abundant amount of caution, it isn't enough without a stoplight.

It was the winter night of Saturday, December 12th, 2015 when 22 Year Old Alexander Aguilar had just completed a delivery for Dominos and looked down at his tips and hit both 49 year old Denise Iesals and 51 year old Nelson Negron. Iseals was pronounced dead on the scene and Negron was flown to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition directly after the crash.

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