Hey! This news doesn't surprise me at all.

It wasn't long ago; I was eating a delicious appetizer sampler at the Applebee's in Ocean Township. I was sitting near the restaurant window, and I saw something that really caught my attention.

The business next-door to the Applebee's on Route 66 was going gang busters. In an hour, I must have counted well over one hundred customers walk in and out of this place. It's a cash cow and I think it's one of Monmouth Counties most popular businesses right now.

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That business is Crumbl Cookies! Have you tried this this cookie chain yet?! Each week, their menu rotates so you can try 4-5 different specialty flavors. Don't worry, their famous Milk Chocolate Chip is always available for you to enjoy.

The Ocean Township location is doing great. Most importantly, I am happy to get the word out about a new spot they plan on opening in Holmdel. The new Crumbl will be located at the Commons shopping center near Houlihans & Salad Works. No specific date for opening day has been announced yet, but the new Crumbl will open in 2022.

My opinion... GOODNESS GRACIOUS THIS PLACE IS INCREDIBLE! TOTALLY WORTH THE DRIVE NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE AT THE JERSEY SHORE. I sound like a slob eating Applebee's wings and cookies in the same day, but I really don't care. This place is great and people living in the Holmdel area should be excited! The long lines waiting for Crumbl cookies is totally worth the wait! Want dessert from a local bakery? See below!

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